Friday, November 21, 2008

DCanon 2

DCannon 2 is finally done and can be downloaded DCannon 2 here. It will require a a graphics card that can handle OpenGL. The entire game was built with Delphi 2009 and written in Delphi using OpenGL and SDL (used for the sound library and dynamically linked of course). David Lock deserves most of the credit.

Update: The original ZIP file uploaded omitted the sounds and graphics. This new one has it all.

DCannon 2 is a two player action packed arcade style game based on the original only with a whole lot more going on. We added night and day, volcanos, lava, lava waves, ice, lightening and thunder, meteorites, and lots of new weapons.

They keyboard controls for the red player (left player) are:

Move Left - A
Move Right - D
Aim Up - W
Aim Down - S
Increase Power - R
Decrease Power - F
Fire - SPACE
Next Weapon - Q
Previous Weapon - E
Toggle Lights - Z
Fire Jump Jets - X
Deploy Shields - C
Weapon Group 1 - 1
Weapon Group 2 - 2
Weapon Group 3 - 3
Weapon Group 4 - 4
Weapon Group 5 - 5

They keyboard controls for the blue player (right player) are:

Move Left - NUMPAD 8
Move Right - NUMPAD 5
Aim Up - NUMPAD 4
Aim Down - NUMPAD 6
Increase Power - +
Decrease Power - -
Next Weapon - NUMPAD 9
Previous Weapon - NUMPAD 7
Toggle Lights - NUMPAD 1
Fire Jump Jets - NUMPAD 2
Deploy Shields - NUMPAD 3
Weapon Group 1 - INSERT
Weapon Group 2 - HOME
Weapon Group 3 - PAGE UP
Weapon Group 4 - DELETE
Weapon Group 5 - END


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the QBASIC application where the two gorillas threw bananas. :-)

Chris Bensen said...


Wasn't that a demo that came with Microsoft QBASIC? I seem to remember a game with gorillas that game on my IBM PC Jr Microsoft QBASIC cartridge. That PC Jr was a pretty sweet setup.

Anonymous said...

On Vista64 it says "Invalid file name %s."

Chris Bensen said...


Bummer, I haven't tested it on Vista64.

Anonymous said...

It seems, its not Vista problem.
May be the vgx files are missing.
If you copy the files into an empty directory, you got the "invalid file %s" error, and all of the weapon's icons are missing. If you run it from the old DCannon's dir (which has vectorgraphs subdir) the old weapon's icons are correct, but the new ones still missing. In this case you got file not found error.


Chris Bensen said...


They're missing because I didn't upload them. I repackaged the ZIP. Please download it again and give it a try. I just tested it and it worked so it should be working. Not a lot of testing is going on here :)

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