Friday, January 9, 2009

Windows 7 Beta

Update: At some point after I posted this link Microsoft took down the page and replaced it with "coming soon".

Update: The page to download Windows 7 is up again.

Microsoft just released the public beta of Windows 7 which you can download here. I highly recommend it but remember the beta expires on August 1, 2009.

The download will be an ISO file. If you don't have an ISO burner I have been using Active ISO Burner with good success.


Stuart Kelly said...

At the moment it says "Windows® 7 Beta coming soon" ;o(

But I'll keep trying thanks.

Chris Bensen said...


Oh that's a bummer. It was there this morning when I posted it.

Anonymous said...

You can follow the insanity here:

Neowin has links to the ISO downloads, but to get the key you need access to a microsoft server at some point.

Stuart Kelly said...

The Windows 7 Beta download page is back up!

Other people are reporting that Microsoft had a massive load on there servers and had to add some more.

Why can they not make the download available as a torrent?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, problem is though, that none of CodeGear's products work on it, so you got a mega load of work ahead of you...

Chris Bensen said...


"Yeah, problem is though, that none of CodeGear's products work on it, so you got a mega load of work ahead of you..."

I've been running Windows 7 with CodeGear products just fine. What are the problems you are having?

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your reply.
For Example, Rad Studio 2007 throws up all kinds of nasty errors when you start.
It crashes on shutdown.
It's impossible to compile ASP.NET.
The ASP.NET personality has a tendency to crash when you have 2 or more "forms" open.

None of these symptoms i had on Vista/XP.
I've read a few QC'd problems and there now seems to be a workaround for the hidden whatsamathingie error, but still compilation is near impossible, the compiler just seems to crash every other compile.
There's a few anonymous QC's i let the debugger send to QC..

Chris Bensen said...


I'll pass your information to the appropriate people. Thanks!

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