Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Google Chrome

I've been using Google Chrome since it game out and I really like it.

I like how you can drag the tabs around easily and create a new window by just dragging the tab off the window.

I like how each tab is run in it's own process.

I like the performance.

I find the user interface a little unconventional but it works. The simplicity of it is really nice.

I like the search at the top vs at the bottom like Firefox.


Anonymous said...

come on..
I mean, I can see few nice features in Chrome but my first tests were actually navigating some graphics intensive web pages and specific Microsoft pages which in all of those cases Chrome failed to deliver. Actually in most cased Chrome crashed. Granted it was Chrome v1 but that was the end of Chrome for me.
I need something that help me not something that actually takes more of my time (reporting problems downloading addons etc.)

Microsoft is the standard so I go with IE so far it's the fastest, more reliable and productive browser for me (if you have a lot of time in your hands to fine tune Firefox I guess it will be a pretty good browser too).

Chris Bensen said...


Too bad for you. I really like Chrome and since Firefox 3 went south the options became pretty limited.

Anonymous said...

Google for some strange reason created Chrome to not run on win 2000, so it is a no starter for me. Anyway I am pretty satisfied with Firefox 3, so it is not a loss for me.

I did buy a Vista license, but once I got to all the MS registration crap, I just shelved the DVD and installed another Win 2000. It will do just fine until Delphi 64 bit is ready.

Arjan said...

I totally agree with you Chris! Chrome has saved me lots of time compared with IE and Firefox just by being faster when browsing the web. I do miss some plug ins from firefox, but chrome has only been walking its first steps and hey it's doing it in a fast and intuitive way.

Dag said...

IE: to check that a website adheres to what is, after all, the market leader but not for anything else

FF: for development and debugging, unbeatable

Chrome: for everyday browsing - it's so quick, so nice to use - it's just lovely

Safari: for the good looks :-)

Lachlan said...

Opera, the quiet achiever :-)

Almost all the features you like in Chrome and Firefox only they've been there for years.

Xepol said...

Yes, the tabs and they way they work are definitely interesting, espcially how you can drag them out of the interface.

Have you seen the new tab drag features in 2.0 for side by side views? Nice.

That said, the rest of the interface is horribly stark. Many of the interface features are hard to use (using specific search engines in your list) or impossible to find (like going back 2 or more sites in a single jump as the right click on the back button).

The Chrome team desperately needs some proper usability testing and some proper UI advisors. Sure, a minimal interface is a good ideal, but it should also be intuitive - you should not need to be PSYCHIC to find features.

Until they get past their current UI hurdles and accept that some times less is just less, Chrome is doomed to fringe use.

It definitely deserves better than being left to languish.

K. A. said...

I don't mind the browser, but I can't live without Firefox's plug-ins anymore.

The only feature in Chrome that caught my eyes was the drag'n'new window feature, but is not nearly enough to switch.

I think Google's appeal is for common users, so keeping it simple is the right path to go.

m. Th. said...

+1 for Opera. All these features were there for quite some time. And much more. Also, Opera 10 (which even if it's only in Beta (or Alpha?) is quite stable, I use it heavily every day) is faster.

Unknown said...

Check out SRWare Iron, which is based on the same code but all privacy concerns removed.

Chris Bensen said...

I always forget about Opera. I've run it in the past but I can't remember why I stopped using it. I just installed it so I'll try and use it for a couple weeks exclusively on one of my machines. I really appreciate the simplicity of Chrome.

Chris Bensen said...


The privacy issues concern me but I haven't been sufficiently convinced there is that much to worry about. Google tracks everyones every move anyway and I don't see there is much anyone can do about it.

Chris Bensen said...


That's a great breakdown of the best uses for the web browsers, with Lachlan addition of Opera of course. I tried Safari on Windows for a couple days and found it so annoying I stopped using it. On the Mac it's great.

Dels said...

in fact much of Chrome (and other browser) features was a modified copy features from Opera browser:
1. Tab Management (yes drag and drop to open new window, merge tab, etc)
2. Address bar inside tab (who said it's dumb concept?)
3. The Chrome home which like speed dial on Opera
4. etc...

I'm not against Chrome, but surely i was fan of Opera Internet Suite (hey it's not only a browser... it's Mail,RSS,torrent,newsgroup,irc client)

I've keep watching as Chrome progress, since i already dissapoint with Safari, Firefox & IE.

Hope Chrome would be as good as Opera (or even better)

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