Friday, May 15, 2009


At 5pm today I presented my talk on Touch at Delphi Live!. This is all raw, straight from the labs, by the Delphi frameworks team, which I'm part of now. Everyone seemed excited. The energy level was pegged on excitement. After all, this is some cool stuff. I'd like to thank everyone for attending the session and for packing the room. Standing room only it hot! Temperature wise that is.

So check back for more low down on Touch.

Peace out Delphi Live!.


Daniel Magin said...

hey chris, that was a GREAT session!!!! your work on cool stuff. thanks!!

daniel magin (

snorkel said...

Cool, so now when we have Mac OS X support we will be able to write Iphone touch apps :-)

Chris Bensen said...

Hi Daniel,

Thanks! I had a lot of fun presenting Touch at Delphi Live! and I'm really glad everyone enjoyed my talk. The VCL framework team worked really hard getting everything ready for the demo I'd like to thank them as well.

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