Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RAD Studio 2010 - Gestures and Multi-Touch

One of the most exciting features in RAD Studio 2010 is Gestures and Multi-Touch (or what I like to call Interactive Gestures). I can't really show much here because it requires video, but if you've seen the videos or my Delphi Live! talk then you've seen some of what can be done.

Gestures takes full advantage of synthetic properties so you don't see much in the Object Inspector until a GestureManager is assigned. But Interactive Gestures and Tablet Options can be fully utilized without any setup, just check a few check boxes and add some code to the OnGesture event.

Gestures of all flavors can be added per control but different flavors of gestures are mutually exclusive. So you can have a panel with the Gestures and another panel with Interactive Gestures. It's pretty slick.

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