Wednesday, August 5, 2009

RAD Studio 2010 - The IDE

Here is a screen shot of the entire IDE showing many of the new features. From top to bottom you can see a retro component palette. In the middle of the screen you can see IDE Insight. In the object inspector you can see the check boxes I mentioned yesterday. And at the bottom of the editor you can see the search bar. And of course I'm running it on Windows 7.

As you can tell from all the blog posts everyone here loves IDE Insight. And I briefly mentioned yesterday find units has changed to use IDE Insight. Find Units (CTRL + F12) and Find Forms (Shift + F12) are specialized versions of IDE Insight. Here's a screenshot of each of them to compare:


Kyle Miller said...

In IDE Insight, can you type "help 'some help topic'" and it displays help searching for the topic?

Chris Bensen said...


Unfortunately not for this release. We have talked about all the things that could be done with IDE Insight, and many of them made it in, so I expect it will be evolving!

John G said...

Where is the Function/Procedure search/filter option?

Chris Bensen said...


IDE Insight is for the IDE not code. Not that something like that couldn't be added but the IDE is the focus.

Kyle Miller said...

Thanks for answering Chris. Feel free to be inspired by the ideas implemented in Find And Run Robot, a wonderful utility written in C++ Builder I believe.

Unknown said...

Does IDE Insight include all the menu items, and show you what their keybindings are? ReSharper does this, and it's great -- I can find things easily, but if I use something often, I'll eventually learn the keystroke and start using that directly. It's a good way to work.

And, does it include the keyboard commands that aren't available through the menu? It would be fantastic to finally have something in the IDE that documents all of those previously-undocumented or nearly-undocumented keyboard commands, and let you actually *find* them instead of having to start guessing names of Help topics.

Chris Bensen said...


Yes it does show the shortcut keys but it doesn't show every keyboard command.

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