Thursday, August 20, 2009

RAD Studio 2010 - SOAP 1.2

Chris White here. This cycle around I have moved from working on the product's many areas that make up the IDE's Help experience to something that has been brand new to me, SOAP.

This posed quite a few challenges for me, one being I knew nothing about SOAP. So after familiarizing myself with SOAP, I started working on the largest feature request in the SOAP area, upgrading our SOAP client support to SOAP 1.2. So, I flew headlong into learning the differences between the specs for SOAP 1.1 and 1.2. With the new SOAP 1.2 client support, our ability to communicate with other SOAP Web Services has greatly increased.

Also since it had been a while, I gave the WSDL Importer Wizard a face lift. I simplified the UI greatly. There are only 3 dialogs (4 if you don't have a project open), all of which are in succession; as well as moved it to an easier to get to location (Component -> Import WSDL...). One nice thing about moving it to the Component menu, you can now import a WSDL without a project open. Hopefully this will be as useful to users as it has been to me; creating a project just to look at a WSDL got tiresome.

WSDLImp.exe also got sync'd up with the IDE's WSDL Importer Wizard. So now you can do everything with the commandline as you can with the IDE.


Unknown said...

But... still no support for attributeGroup in WSDL ?

Anonymous said...

Why would you use SOAP instead of XML-RPC, or even JSON-RPC, except for the unfortunate fact that Delphi support for both is medium-to-poor?

Anonymous said...

Please, PLEASE test it with WCF and with something a little more complex than "hello world" or "add two numbers and return the result" type of a web service. Please go to and import and test with a few (20 or more) random web services there!

Robert Caron said...

That's great news! However, this is still on the client side, when connecting to a SOAP 1.2 service.
There is no word on CREATING a SOAP 1.2 service. That is a bit disappointing.

Chris Bensen said...

The focus I believe was on SOAP 1.2 client support.

Unknown said...

We belive in a full support of SOAP 1.2, for us is necessary to interoperate with our java/glassfish web methods. Using D2010 trial we found a problem about passing parameters, but i suppose we will found a solution.

good work
Ivan Revelli

Anonymous said...

I'm using Delphi 2010 to connect with a .Net Web service wich implements MTOM to send a Large pdf files, but when i try to use the WebMethod the error Unsupported Media Type shows, until now i can't enable the MTOM in Delphi 2010, please someone can help me?. thanks.

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