Monday, October 12, 2009

Sony Touchscreen Computer/TV

From the specs I think this Sony Vaio L beats pants off the HP Touchsmart. It's got glass, HDMI input, 1080p (I'm not sure if this is the computer resolution as well) Blue-ray, NVIDIA graphics and the monitor can be used as a TV without turning on the computer. I'm not sure what the other computer specs are, but the mouse does look horrible. It also appears that the DVD drive isn't a slot loading drive so that's a bit odd. Check out Sony website for more information.


Xepol said...

It is a larger display that most of the 13" laptops it is showing up on, but it is still a whole computer instead of just a display.

Chris Bensen said...


I think what the industry needs to recognize is developers want a stand alone touch monitor with all the flexibility normal monitor has to offer. Users of touch systems on the other hand are more than happy with the all-in-one devices.

I think the reason this won't be another sideshow is because it has more uses and impact on the computer experience. I doubt most people that use an iPod know they are using a computer and I think the same will hold true for the popular uses of touch and gesturing with devices like the Sony above.

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