Monday, November 23, 2009

Unicycling in Africa

My good friend Corbin got married this summer to the lovely Louise (yours truly photographed their wedding) and then they went for their honeymoon in Africa on unicycles! Here's an awesome video that Corbin made:

Here is another video from their tour. My daughter loves this one!


Mark A said...

Fabulous! There were several dismount shots but I'm wondering how to mount the damn things and get started. At 4:00 there is a shot of an already mounted rider leading off, but does it always require help from others?

Chris Bensen said...


I haven't rode a unicycle for years and never really did much of it because I was too tall for my unicycle (6' 5"), so I'm no expert. But I believe most of the tire sizes used by Corbin and crew were 36" which are used for touring and can be difficult to mount without help. Corbin uses a smaller wheel, 24" I believe, because he has a geared hub.

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