Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hang With Cool People

The other day I read that depression is contagious and thought to my self "duh!" Just as you are what you eat you are who you hang out with. Eat too many carrots and you turn orange (seriously, my daughter did this). Hang out with the people you want to be like and you'll be just like them. Who say's you can't learn by osmosis.


Mason Wheeler said...

*laughs* Family lore holds that the carrot thing happened to my aunt when she was very young. She decided she was going to eat nothing but carrots ever again. It lasted a day or two, until she started turning orange. Freaked her out pretty good, and she went back to a normal kid diet very quickly!

Chris Bensen said...


That's a funny story. I really didn't think it would happen. We withheld some carrots but figured she wanted to eat so it made things easy because they are so portable so she ate a lot. One day she was playing with another kid and we noticed her skin tone was a bit orange. It took many months though.

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