Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Photo of the Month

Lake Tahoe

This past weekend I took the family for extended weekend winter vacation in Tahoe. Spring skiing at its best. The photo above was taken at a time of day most photographers would put away their cameras; there are some great photo opportunities at noon.


Anonymous said...


"it's" always means "it is".

If you want to mean "belonging to it", use "its".

Chris Bensen said...

So how'd you like the photo?

Jouni Aro said...

Beautiful pictures, Chris. Funny that you have best spring skiing in January :) We have -15C still - the best winter (almost only real one) for the whole millennium in Helsinki, I would say.

Chris Bensen said...


Thanks! It was awesome near the lake. We don't usually have spring conditions like that in January. The past 3 weeks have been epic.

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