Thursday, February 18, 2010


If you didn't think the iPad was cool before then here is a great WIRED Magazine video on their iPad product that just might change your mind.


Anonymous said...

Appears to not mention the iPad, but Adobe Air, in fact, the closing frames show the Adobe logo... and we all know the "flash situation"... likely if wired are doing something on iPad it may look a bit like this video, but they were likely using a PC slate device there of some kind?

Anonymous said...

It's definitely NOT an iPad - there are speculations it's an Android device.

Craig said...

Not only is this not an iPad, but it's seeming like such an app will never run on an iPad.

Chris Bensen said...

The video mentioned the iPad and I didn't look all that close at the device to be honst. I also figured Adobe AIR could be compiled into an app similar to Mono Touch, but I am no expert on that so I could be wrong.

The reason I still get magazines is for the first class experience and so I can read them on the couch or table, kitchen etc, and I think it is very exciting to see computers that may just be able to compete with traditional magazines. The Missus wants an iPad just for MacGormet in the kitchen. I'm gonna hold out for the comics!

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