Friday, June 18, 2010

Canon G10 Camera

So a while back I sold my trusty Canon G10 camera and actually made money on it. It was a great little camera for what it did well, the problem was I wasn't happy with the things that it didn't do well. I have yet to replace it because I'm happier hanging on to my money with the current set of choices on the market. The Canon G11 or Canon S90 are close but just not quite there. The Panasonic GF1 is real close though. Real close.

Photos come out great with the Canon G10 in good light with subjects that aren't moving fast but I have a short list of complaints:

- Slow autofocus
- Unusable above ISO 200
- Video is terrible

Unfortunately the Canon G11 didn't really solve many of these problems.


Warren said...

I don't need video, and the AF is fast enough on the G10 for me. The incredible picture quality and the lens quality mean I am hanging onto mine. Well, it's my wife's camera actually. But I use it a lot. My primary unit is a Sony Alpha DSLR.

Do you shoot with a DSLR too? If not, why not? They rock. :-)


Chris Bensen said...


Yes, I do use a DSLR, I actually use quite a few of them and they are awesome!

Don't get me wrong, the G10 is a great camera. I got a lot of great photos from it. In fact the Swallowtail butterfly I posted last year was taken using the G10. I just found it didn't quite fit the bill for my needs. So close, but not quite there.

LDS said...

To take good videos you need more than the capability to take and store HD video. Good DOF control, variable speed zooms, directional mic, and other features are not optionals.

Chris Bensen said...


I guess I should have said passable video. I just found the G10 lacking even for passable video when capturing my daughter doing fun things. The G10 nor G11 do HD video either.

Unknown said...

You're ready for a LX3 or the future LX4.

I've thought about replacing my LX3 with GF1 when GF1 was released, but finally kept the LX3 until now.

Chris Bensen said...


The LX3 has also been on my list. I didn't get one back when it came out because Aperture didn't support it, but now that it does I would prefer to wait for the LX4...and the longer I wait the better the cameras get :)

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