Thursday, September 22, 2011

So I Upgraded to Lion

At the moment I'm not so sure Lion is better. Snow Leopard was clearly better than Leopard, and Leopard was clearly better than Tiger. Some things are snazzier, but just use extra CPU cycles and batteries. There are some nice features such as just close the lid of your laptop with an external display doesn't sleep the computer. But there are a lot of little problems. iCal doesn't connect which is odd. The new look of iCal, Address Book and Mail is interesting. Apparently they are phasing out iChat because it wasn't in the dock but rather replaced with FaceTime. Why are FaceTime and iChat different apps? Boot time actually seems to be longer. With Windows 8 boot time bloody fast I can't imagine

There are two reasons I upgraded:

1. I got a new MacBook Pro that I loaded to the gills with memory and swapped out the default HD for the fastest thing I could find so I wanted to run the OS that it shipped with.

2. It's usually better to stay up to date rather than lag behind. I typically lag behind if the OS bad or adopt it rather quick if it's good. I held off with Leopard because my printer wasn't supported for 6 months.

Does anyone have any input that I'm missing? Is anything really way better? Is your boot time different than mine?

Update: I upgraded to an SSD drive and maxed the RAM out and now it boots instantly. It's pretty awesome actually.


Warren said...

My opinion is that lion frankly sucks. :-) I'm sticking with SnowLeopard until they fix Lion.


Chris Bensen said...

Warren, why specifically don't you like Lion? I'm setup now but iCal still won't connect. I had to get some help from a friend on the inside because Mail crashed every time I searched for the letter "j". It turned out the Address Book had a corrupted entry that it wasn't showing. I also can't stand all the shows of head shots in iChat. Some things are different but I can't say anything is superior in a major way. Launch Pad is a joke. Mission Control is interesting but just an updated Expose. I'm not sure why it was renamed, but whatever.

Sean said...

I like the "updated Expose", but is it better or worse. No, just different. I really like the new gestures and I have kept natural page turning configured. Once I got used to it, it bothers me to work in Windows and have it opposite. But really revolutionary or better? No. I'm with you... a lot of slightly different things or interfaces, but nothing earth shattering. I don't use the full screen apps and even find most of the apps I use don't work well full screen, so that feature was lost on me.

I still love the OS, but you made me realize I can't really justify why.

Chris Bensen said...

Sean, I've been using Lion the last two days now and there are a lot of things to like. The gestures are nice. But it is a refinement of the original without any really big feature to point to. Full screen apps is nice but those apps that I ran full screen already did this such as Aperture and VMWare. iCal is just annoying in full screen mode on my 30" Cinema Display. Nothing really to write home about though. Auto correct is just as interesting as it is on the iPhone. I keep finding bugs. Snow Leopard is a really good OS so it's difficult to one up it.

Chris Bensen said...

I've also noticed that Lion adds support to resize windows from any side. All sides except the upper right. That corner is reserved for full screen mode. Interesting.

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