Monday, June 25, 2012

Virtual Box VM to VMWare

I prefer either Parallels or VMWare over Virtual Box. Virtual Box is free though. But at 50 bucks, video acceleration is nice to have when working with graphics. So here are steps that work as of today to convert a Virtual Box VM to a VMWare VM. These steps are out there on the interwebs and they aren't difficult but I didn't find them in one place so hopefully this will help someone.

1. From Virtual Box select your VM and choose File | Export Appliance...
2. Download and install VMWare OVF Tool from
3. Run the OVF Tool on you .ova file (I'm on a Mac):

"/Applications/VMware OVF Tool/ovftool" --lax image.ova /Users/[username]/Downloads
NOTE: Use the --lax option to get past some errors that will stop the conversion in their tracks. 4. Drag and drop into VMWare and before you do anything increase the available RAM and processor to at least 2 if you can. Otherwise the Vm will be super sluggish. 5. Run in VMWare!

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