Monday, September 29, 2014

jargrep Bash Script

When I work with Java it can be handy to grep for a string in a JAR, so I have created an executable script called "jargrep".

# Greps a jar file for a string.

if [ $1 ] ; then
  find . -name "*.jar" -a -exec bash -c "jar tvf {} | grep $1" \; -print
  echo "Usage: jargrep [string]"
  echo "  Example: jargrep \"string to grep for\""

Create a text file called jargrep, copy the contents above, then run "chmod +x jargrep" to make it executable.


Jouni Aro said...

Nice idea. I thought it would grep for the file contents, but it greps for file names. -i option might be handy as well. If I learn to use it more, I will see if I'll tune it for my needs. Anyway, its' already pretty powerful. Thanks!

Chris Bensen said...

Good point. I'll see about expanding it.

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