Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Low Cost Wireless Carriers

I used to use Verizon. They had the best coverage. It's still arguably the best with regards to coverage. Before the iPhone 4 I had a flip phone. Yup, I was a tech less tech junkie when it came to cell phones. I still use paper and pencil to balance my checkbook so maybe calling me a tech junkie is a bit of an overstatement. Anyway, I digress. After my contract expired, Verizon had decided unlimited data customers weren't something they wanted, can't blame them I suppose, and I couldn't get a subsidized upgrade. In fact, buying an out of contract Verizon iPhone wasn't possible unless it was used. We went round and round Verizon and I. Verizon iPhones also don't resell for as much as GSM phones. So I switched. Good riddance. After analyzing how much I really call or how much mobile data I really use a low cost carrier was looking real good. So I started using Consumer Cellular. They sit on the AT&T network, have LTE, you are in no contract, pay for what you use, bump up or down the plan as needed. Anyway, that's what I use, and they now have the iPhone 6!

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