Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Google Maps Feature

I would like to be able to scrub back in time the history of the traffic. This would be very handy to see traffic patterns when for instance planning a trip or driving somewhere you don't ordinarily drive. Google already has all the information needed, it just needs to come up with a way to display that information that is easy to use. It could be as easy as a "traffic history" button when in traffic mode, that puts a slider bar at the bottom of the maps page. The slider starts on the right which is Now, and sliding it to the left changes the red/orange/green traffic lines back to that time. This could be further enhanced when getting directions. At the moment directions reports how long it will currently take, but there could be two other smaller numbers to either side, the shortest and longest times. If you click on either one it could suggest alternate times of the day to leave or days of the week.

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