Monday, July 20, 2015

Small Changes in Windows 10 not for the better

There are quite a few changes in Windows 10 and I have hardly uncovered half of them. Many are for the better and many are well less than idea which is cause the majority of the people a bit of a difficult time. I thought Microsoft would have learned from their mistakes before.

Here is the right click menu on the Recycle Bin.

Notice that the "Empty Recycle Bin" is the third item down, when in all previous versions of Windows (I'm not counting Windows 8 because I don't think many people count that as a version) it was the second item.

Many years back Microsoft tested a great idea to reorganize menu items based off use. And by great I mean it was a really bad idea. Research ended up finding that people tend to remember location more than reading the words. Think of it as muscle memory.

There are many other such subtle menu items that have changed location for no apparent reason other than a new feature. A few of them I'm find with, but if Microsoft hopes to get everyone on board with Windows 10, and I think they have a really good chance of success, they need to not change the user interface very much between iterations of Windows.

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