Monday, June 20, 2016

Copy a DVD/CD on a Mac

Recently I had to walk a friend over the phone how to make a copy of a DVD, so I wrote down the directions as I went and here they are since the ones I found on the internet were always missing a step. Making a Disk Image of the DVD/CD 1. Run Disk Utility 2. Insert “YourDisk” DVD into DVD drive 3. It’ll show up on the left hand list as: SuperDrive YourDisk 4. Left click on “YourDisk” to select it. 5. Click the “New Image” button at the top in the toolbar. 6. “Save As” will be set to “YourDisk.dmg”. This will change with step 8. 7. On the left hand side choose where you want to save it to. I selected the Desktop. 8. At the bottom “Image Format” is set to “compressed”, change this to “DVD/CD master”. This will change “ YourDisk.dmg” to “YourDisk.cdr”. 9. Make sure “Encryption” is set to “none”. 10. Click Save. 11. This will take a while. 12. Once it’s done, go to the next step. Burning the DVD 13. Eject the “YourDisk” DVD and insert a blank DVD. 14. In Disk Utility, at the bottom of the list on the left hand side you will see “YourDisk.cdr”. Select “YourDisk.cdr” and click the “Burn” button at in the toolbar at the top. Just follow the directions...

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