Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Ergonomics

It turns out I write quite a bit about ergonomics, and those are some of my most popular posts which is surprising but not too surprising since that is one thing that affects everyone.

Desk Ergonomics - Every Diagram on the internet is wrong!

Make the Apple Magic Trackpad Ergonomic

Ergonomics of Using a Cell Phone


All these issues are still valid, in fact maybe even more so. Sit-stand desks are more popular than ever, but they still aren't good enough. Companies like Fitbit and Apple have pushed wearable devices to help but relatively few people wear them and I'm not sure how much they really help. I personally don't wear a device like a Fitbit or Apple Watch. If this is an interesting subject to you as a reader of this blog, write a comment or like this post so I know to write more. I have a lot more information and access to people who know even more and I believe sharing information is good.

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