Thursday, June 20, 2019

Very Large Raspberry Pi Cluster - Part III

I spent most of today fighting with Fusion 360 so I don't have much progress to report besides a serious complaint about Fusion 360. A new updated was released. If I didn't upgrade I couldn't save. If I upgraded I lost my changes. I had no choice but to upgrade, loose my changes and redo them. Then when I loaded up my models there were errors with unresolved imported components. The error states that if I save my model in this state I will loose my model. Personally I find this unacceptable and while I like Fusion 360, I like the disruption to the CAD world, many of the features, the price is reasonable and the fact that it runs on Mac and Windows, I also find it extremely buggy and a toy. I may be switching back to SolidWorks. Hopefully I get all of this resolved in the next few days and can report on the progress.

Update: After restarting Fusion 360 five times, and reloading the model after closing it with the error saying it will be destroyed, I finally got all the linked models and everything to load. So it was just a lot of ignoring errors and closing and reopening things and much ado about nothing, but extremely worrisome that just an update being pushed could cause such concern.

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