Thursday, August 13, 2009

Delphi 2010 - New Units

A lot of header translations and new units have been added. Here are just a few that are interesting:

Enables TWICImage. Support for Tiff, CR2 or NEF anyone?

.NET unmanaged compiler API. Always fun to crack open Assemblies from native code.

Direct3D.pas, D3DX9.pas, D2D1.pas
DirectX header translations.

TDirect2DCanvas. Get to Direct2D using the same TCanvas methods you know and love.

The inertia manipulators. Great for spinning and throwing things around your screen.

Gestures.pas, GestureMgr.pas, GestureCtrls.pas
Hot gesturing goodness.

Keyboard.pas, KeyboardTypes.pas
TTouchKeyboard for all your touchscreen input needs.

A serious addition to the RTL with TDirectory, TPath, and TFile.

Update: I forgot one RTTI.pas
For some very cool runtime stuff.


Xepol said...

Uh, wait, what? Manipulations.pas requires waaaay more coverage than 2 sentences!

The Direct2D.pas sounds interesting to play with as well.

Chris Bensen said...


Every one of these need WAY more than what I wrote here :)

Алексей Тимохин said...


Xepol said...

No arguement there.

Still "Great for spinning and throwing things around your screen" screams for demos and videos....

Ok, I admit it, even I am addicted to some of the visual candy out there.

Javier Santo Domingo said...

All of them are really interesting, specially that RTTI.pas.

Babak Ahadi said...

Delphi is Alive forever and ever!!!!!!!
babak ahadi

Unknown said...

Hmm... are TDirectory and TFile available as abstract base classes? I would *love* to be able to make a fake, in-memory filesystem for some of our automated tests. We've written our own interfaces to get a very simplistic start at this, but something built into the VCL would rock. Pity it's class-based and not interfaced, though.

Chris Bensen said...


They are implemented as records so it wouldn't be possible to build a face file system.

Unknown said...

That's a shame. Still, it'll at least be good to get rid of all those ugly FindFirst / FindNext / FindClose loops.

Anonymous said...

Thanx delphi team link it
i happy for delphi find the last true way

also please i can write directly device driver in delphi!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to sound like a goober - just asking this for our Delphi developer (currently in "heads down mode") Will Direct2D.pas be open to native apps or just .NET? TIA

Chris Bensen said...


No, good question. But Direct2D is all native baby! No .NET here. Currently only Windows 7 Supports Direct2D but Microsoft is testing a Vista version and may port it back to XP.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris! That was the answer I was hoping for and have passed it on. Now, order it all up... :-) May as well go for the whole enchilada and get the full meal deal on the upgrades. -Randall-

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