Thursday, August 6, 2009

RAD Studio 2010 - Actions

One very useful feature is an updated Action property editor. The little drop down hasn't changed in years and we wanted to get to our Actions quicker. So Seppy Bloom through some Object Inspector trickery, which you can find all about in his CodeRage 4 session Customizing the Object Inspector, updated the Action property editor.

What you are looking at is a new drop down that allows you to selection from one simple menu any standard action from the action list, choose any existing actions, or create a new action.

If you have more than one action list then just choose which one to use.

Just one more example of increased productivity.


RichardS said...

Great, very clever idea. Sometimes it just seems like too much extra work to go and create a new action - it can really break the flow - so this will help a lot.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I hope the property editor can also find action lists on other data modules.

Anonymous said...

Data modules, nah ! Just chuck all your code in one unit !

Chris Bensen said...

Anonymous #1,

Of course it can! But as Anonymous #2 said who needs data modules :)

Warren said...


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