Monday, November 17, 2014

Unknown Caller

We've been getting a lot of robo calls on our home phone and cell phones. Unfortunately there really isn't any good way of blocking these. Service providers want extra money to block "Unknown Caller", "No Caller ID" or "Anonymous". The iPhone has a feature to block a contact but they need to have a phone number. I did some digging and it appears that the calls show up with simply a "1", sometimes. So I created a contact for these and blocked "1". We'll see how that works.

But, to my criticism. Phone companies need to stop trying to profit on this tactic. Any phone call needs to block-able by default. I know there are apps on Android that do this which one reason to want to switch to Android, which I'm starting to get a small list, but still doesn't outweigh the benefits of iOS (I'll post on this later). Every phone OS out there needs to have a very simple yet complete set of rules to block phone calls. And it would be very handy to block based on the caller ID text rather than the caller ID number.

I'm adding this to my iOS Feature Request post.

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